85 (2021)


On April 17th, 2022 electronic musical instrument visionary Don Buchla would have turned 85. In celebration, and as an expression of gratitude, for the rich legacy of his pioneering work, 85 is a quadraphonic composition for theremin, tape-loop and Buchla format modular instruments.  Here is a stereo mix of the composition.

The multi-rhythmic pulses of the Buchla are marbled with expanding and contracting seams of Leon Theremin’s historic instrument, frozen in time on tape-loop. Roaming the sound stage, the spatialisation invokes brief, personal connections between the sound materials and localized clusters of the audience, lingering long enough to share a greeting, a smile, an invitation, a joke, a gesture, before breaking off to somewhere new.

To download a multichannel version of this composition, please get in touch.